005 1981 published by Sega
Platforms: Apple II Arcade
600 1981
Platforms: Arcade
Altair 1981 published by Cidelsa
Platforms: Arcade
Amidar 1981 by Konami published by Stern
Genre: Puzzle
Armored Car
Armored Car 1981 published by Stern Electronics
Platforms: Arcade
Astro Blaster
Astro Blaster 1981 published by Sega
Platforms: Arcade ZX Spectrum
Astro Wars
Astro Wars 1981
Platforms: Arcade
Auto Chase
Auto Chase 1981 by Vtech published by Vtech
Platforms: CreatiVision
Genre: Arcade Racing
Battle of Atlantis
Battle of Atlantis 1981 published by Comsoft
Platforms: Arcade
Black Hole
Black Hole 1981 published by TDS & MINTS
Platforms: Arcade
Borderline 1981 published by Sega
Platforms: Arcade SG-1000
Boxing Bugs
Boxing Bugs 1981 published by Cinematronics
Platforms: Arcade
Challenger 1981 published by Game Plan
Platforms: Amiga Arcade
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